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Augmented Reality Filters

I love making AR filters to be put on Instagram or Facebook because users get to access and share them easily. Hence, I taught myself how to use AR development programs to design and code these engaging experiences.


Javascript coding


Motion graphics



Bailey Nelson


Red Bull

Personal Projects



Bailey Nelson

Want to try on a pair of glasses straight from your phone?

The Televisioni range by Bailey Nelson re-imagines of eyewear shapes from the 1950s.

In conjunction with their new range, an AR face filter is made to allow the public to try the new range on Instagram and Facebook's Camera.

The effect received 10,000 impressions in the first week and featured on Fashion Journal.

ustwo Door Mural

ustwo's Sydney studio wanted to showcase the agencies' local presence by creating an augmented reality 'welcome mural' for our studio door, that would create a delightful experience for the public, and encourage curiosity about our studio from passersby.

National Park AR

An engaging wayfinding experience for hikers to get orientated with directions in a national park. This is an experiment for ustwo.

Magic Drawings

Inspired by my love for Harry Potter, I created an Instagram filter where users could draw magic in their environment. The drawings would be pinned to the world space, hence 3D drawings would be formed.

What to eat?

(Malaysian edition)

Food plays a big part in Malaysian's culture. Most of the time, Malaysians have trouble deciding which food to eat and choose from. Therefore, I created a face filter to help you decide from a list of popular foods.

This filter achieved 10k views in the first week.

I love bubble tea

Inspired by my love for bubble tea, I created a face filter to celebrate bubble tea lovers and highlight Asian culture. Users can also tap the screen to switch to a different drink flavour.

This filter has 90k views and counting.

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