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Codatopia is an educational physical board game to teach kids the basics of coding in a market saturated with digital coding games.


Game design






The current market for educational coding games is overly saturated with digital games but none which focus on a physical medium.

Codatopia is a physical card game to teach kids the basics of coding, making this teaching tool more accessible to a larger scope of people.


We based our game on a story and created fun characters with their own distinct personalities to appeal to kids and allow them to have a stronger emotional connection with the game. 

We want the art style to be friendly, colourful, and gender-neutral to inspire both male and females to be interested in STEM.

Easy Game Play

The game consists of stacking different cards on top of one another. To make the process easier and clearer, we decided on a form that indicates that they are stackable.


We arrived to our product with rapid prototyping and testing the game with kids with their parents.


We tested this game in various schools in Melbourne, Scienceworks Museum Victoria, Dandenong Library and a few other events with the hopes of releasing a Kickstart campaign soon.


Game Design and Product Managers: 

Angeline Lim and Rayen Magpantay

Visual Design: Sarah Tan

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