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Adobe's Project 1324

Adobe Project 1324 (now part of Behance) is a platform for young creatives to use their creativity for social good.







I had the privilege to be an Adobe Partner for Project 1324 (now part of Behance) where I got to attend 2 Adobe conferences as a VIP, be a creative mentor in their platform and be featured on their social media channels. I've been using Adobe products since I was 13 and it has made a huge impact on my design pursuits!

Here are some of my works made for Adobe.

The Power of the Pencil

Adobe Project 1324 is a platform for young creatives to use their creativity for social good. I illustrated a zine cover to represent the platform and show that creativity is a powerful tool to express opinions towards social issues.


Ignorance Kills

Global warming is one of the negative by-product of our ignorance in our pursuit for even the simplest pleasures of life. I illustrated this to show mankind's thirst for pleasure sometimes overlooks the negative repercussions on the environment.

  • Top 12 Finalist in MAKE IT Challenge 

  • Featured artwork for climate change-related campaigns

  • Exhibited in the MAKE IT KNOWN Conference organised by Adobe in Sydney

Everything You Can Imagine is Real

I was asked by Adobe to create an example artwork for a challenge in partnership with Adobe and Questlove. The brief is to visualize a quote that inspires you, I choose this quote because I believe that nothing is impossible if you take action.

  • This artwork was exhibited in AdobeMAX '18 conference in Los Angeles as part of the Student + Mentor Hub for over 14,000 attendees to see.

Unrealistic Standards

TEDxTeen NYC and Adobe challenge creatives to create a dialogue about an issue impacting your community.


Body image issue is a growing concern in our society, it can cause low self-esteem, stress, eating disorders and even suicide among women and girls. 


With this, I aim to create a dialogue on the detrimental effects of body image issue with a tape measure acting as a noose.

  • Top 10 Finalist and in the running to be a part of TEDxTeen in New York.

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