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Commonwealth Bank of Australia

CommBank is the largest bank in Australia. In the Digital Experience team of Retail Banking Services, I help improve digital products such as NetBank, Open Banking, Commbank App and by identifying and solving customer problems in an agile environment.


Visual Design

UI Design





Redesign of Commbank's homepage

During my time there, I helped redesign Commbank's homepage for millions to see and use. Due to confidentiality, I am unable to detail my process here! 


Designing for Responsive Web Pages

I learned that designing responsive web pages well is important for consistency and having information readable in any shape and form. I designed web pages to suit all breakpoints and have a mobile-first approach to my designs.

Design for Accessibility

CommBank serves close to 16 million customers, therefore it is important to have our digital services accessible to everyone. I had frequent accessibility reviews and designed web pages according to WCAG 2.0's AA and AAA guidelines.

Animations with Lottie Framework

I learned that producing animations using AirBnB's Lottie Framework is amazing because animations can be converted into code, simplifying the process of placing animations in an app. To achieve this I used After Effects and Principle.

Onboarding for CommBank App

CommBank's app is No.1 banking app in Australia. I got the opportunity to work on onboarding screens for a feature using illustrations and animations to communicate the process.

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