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Pianola is an analogue piano that you can play with your phone using Google Creative Lab’s XY-Fi code-base.


Identity & Branding

Digital Illustration



Youtube Music



The Pianola was made to provide a delightful and innovative experience of playing the piano with technology. It was made for the launch of YouTube Music in Australia. It is currently residing in the Google Sydney office.



The audience can play Pianola using their phone connected to a specific wi-fi connection. Hence, I combined the known imageries of a piano and wi-fi together to create a poster to communicate its essence. I also placed the XY-Fi logo at the top right to emulate a close button.

This poster is displayed in Google Sydney's office.

Emotional Interfaces

When Pianola has to go through software maintenance, an animation showing that the piano is tired will be shown, prompting the audience to let Pianola rest before playing it again. This is an opportunity to make the interface more emotional and user experience more enjoyable.

This animation is displayed via an iPad mounted on the piano's music rack.


Project Manager: Kirstin Sillitoe

Developer: Jude Osborn

App Design: Tim Paul

Hardware: Grumpy Sailor

Poster Design: Sarah Tan

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