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An Augmented Reality (AR) experience where you can view the Sydney Rail Network with an Opal card (Sydney's public transport card).



Augmented Reality

UX/UI Design





Augmented Reality (AR) in law to help with legal contracts.

Being someone who find the law and contracts confusing, I tend to reference several sources at a time to fully understand a contract. But what if there are virtual annotations and sticky notes to further explain the content visually in simple layman terms?

To make this working prototype, I got to work with my wonderful friend, Anne Wong, who is leading the path in legal tech. With Anne’s legal tech background along with my background in AR development and user experience design (UX/UI), we hope to push the boundaries and potentially create a use case for AR in the law industry!

What are the


  1. The AR can be triggered from the Facebook or Instagram app's camera with a link there's no need to download an app just for it! 

  2. Virtual annotations are able to keep the wording and integrity of a legal contract.

  3. In the video, we feature “Terms Contract” which is commonly found in property contracts. The removable sticker is scalable to different types of contracts (think employment, and more!)

  4. Of course, this would be more seamless with AR glasses when Apple release theirs!


This project has gotten many interests from lawyers and spurred many conversations about immersive technology in the legal industry. As a result of this, this project will be featured on a Digital Design textbook publishing in December 2020 and a few articles about this project are in the works.

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