AR for Artists

online class

Launching on Skillshare January 2021.

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Create and Publish your

first AR face filter

Bring your designs to life and express yourself with Augmented Reality (AR)! AR experiences such as Instagram and Snapchat face filters have grown in popularity among social media users. AR is enjoying a meteoric growth globally as well. By the end of this class, you get to create and publish a face filter on Instagram or Facebook, ready for the world to enjoy!

Beginner Friendly

Whether you are a designer, a small business owner, someone who wants to create a face filter for fun, no prior experience nor coding skills needed!

Learn in under an hour

This practical class will be spread across 13 short videos, totalling up to less than an hour.

Guidance & Downloadables

Downloadable creative assets will be provided and other easy methods will be suggested so you can follow along. 

This comprehensive class will give you a basic understanding on how AR works, templates to help you ideate on the design of your filter, and step-by-step tutorial into SparkAR in a non-intimidating way, even if you have never used the program nor coded before.

Meet Sarah Tan

Sarah Tan is a UX/UI Designer based in Australia. She has designed digital experience for clients such as Google, Facebook, Adobe and more. 

She has a huge passion for developing Augmented Reality experiences as she believes that it brings depth to visual design and has a huge potential for the future. Some of her notable achievements in AR include having her AR project reimagining public transport featured on the news, having a solo AR art exhibition that explores the intersection between design and technology, and encouraging others to build resilience with 3D and AR through Adobe’s Community Fund.

She also likes to make face filters on Instagram for others to express themselves and share with friends. 

Being a woman of colour, she is passionate about inspiring more women out there to go into AR/VR or the tech industry without feeling intimidated by it. She likes to share my experiences and knowledge by having talks and workshops internationally.

Although she came from a graphic design background, she managed to not only learn about AR but also master the technology behind it. As such, if she can do it, you can do it too!

Sarah's AR work

Create and Publish your

first AR face filter

AR for Artists

online class

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